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Marching through March

One of the meanings of the word “march” is to walk quickly and with determination. I guess that is how I feel if I have to describe the month March… we walked through it quickly and with determination. Continue reading Marching through March

Meet Little Captain and his Number One… the next generation

Little captain and his number oneUp to now it was easy to talk about my son in blog posts. First he was my baby and then my son, because he was only one. Now that his little brother is born I have to think of something else to call them. I don’t want to call them by their real names for privacy reasons. Continue reading Meet Little Captain and his Number One… the next generation

Miracle lady

surviving icuWhen I talk about the “miracle lady” I want you to know that it is all by the grace and goodness of God. All the glory to Him.

It all started a few months ago when I went to the doctor with chest pain and coughing… actually to 3 different doctors in a 4-week period. Continue reading Miracle lady

Back to Blogging

Back to blogging

Ten months ago I decided to take a break from my blog. I just found out I was pregnant and I felt constantly tired and nauseous. I also had some other trouble with my health.

My life was one big rollercoaster these past few months and I decided that it is time to blog again, partly to process everything, but also to bring hope to someone else. Continue reading Back to Blogging